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Le opere pubblicate (2)


NELLO SPECCHIO - Giovanni  Magistrelli

Nel 2017 ho partecipato al concorso LUCENERA con il racconto "IL CASTELLO SUL LAGO", pubblicato nella raccolta NELLO SPECCHIO, dove storie che offrono emozioni intense e per stomaci forti si mescolano ad altre dove la magia fa sognare e crea parentesi di fantasia nella quotidianità.

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THE TIME OF THE GODS (English edition)

THE TIME OF THE GODS (English edition) - Giovanni  Magistrelli

What if today men should learn that their real gods are many and living in Asgard? What if the main religious powers on the planet had deceived mankind for centuries with the help of psychics? What if Odin decided that it is time to expose the great lie and came on Earth to fight his enemy? The Time of the Gods begins in 1945 after the war. The Asgardian gods, L...oki on one side, Thòrr, Tyr and Baldr on the other, all played a big role in WW2 disguised as humans, ultimately causing the creation of the atomic bomb with all its weighty consequences. The enraged father of them all, Odin, exiles the four gods on Earth, where they sleep, protected in safe places. Their arrival is perceived by the Italian Reverend Giulio Viola, a psychic at the helm of a paranormal group serving the Catholic Church in a secret base below the Vatican since 1935. He informs the Pope, who gives him the assignment to watch over and try to find these intruders, a task Viola accepts and carries forward for decades between faith and doubts. From that moment on, the tension caused by religious wars and terrorist attacks continues to mount until 9.11.2001. At that point Odin wakes up the four exiles, according to his grand design which comes to its climax 15 years later with the descent of the Asgardian gods to Earth and the showdown with the religious leaders of Rome, Tel Aviv, Riyadh and Tehran.






Nel 2017 ho partecipato a questa raccolta, dedicata all'amore nelle sue svariate espressioni, con il racconto "IL MATRIMONIO DI PATRICIA".

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